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Questions about Michigan Divorce and Custody Proceedings

By: Robert J. Stelmock, Divorce Attorney & Mediator at Stelmock Law Firm, PC

Although every Michigan Divorce and Custody case is different, there are some common questions that people have as they face a Michigan divorce and custody proceeding.  One thing that is true throughout all cases is that Michigan Divorce and Custody proceedings are never an easy experience and this is more true if you are not in agreement with your partner.  

Do not be afraid to ask questions

One of the things that seem to help clients through what may be a traumatic experience is some knowledge about what might happen next and about how Friend of the Court (FOC), Referees and Judges will resolve contested issues. Your Michigan divorce attorney or family law attorney are not psychologists or social workers, but they have dealt with the emotional issues you are facing over the course of many years. Do not be afraid to ask questions of your Divorce lawyer if you do not understand the process. The best solutions for problems that you and your partner are facing are the ones that you can agree upon. If agreements are not possible, then your Michigan Divorce lawyers will attempt to help you resolve the issues.

Family law and/or divorce attorney’s representation depends upon your input.

Your Michigan Family Law attorney’s representation depends upon your input. You need to provide your attorney with facts and documents pertaining to your case. You also need to discuss your ideas and your wishes about how the issues are to be resolved. Everything that you tell your divorce attorney is confidential. It is very important that you tell your attorney the truth. If you withhold information, it might adversely affect your case. Even facts that are “bad” – or embarrassing – should be disclosed so that your family law attorney may help you make the best decisions.

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