Divorce Attorney: Before a Divorce Begins

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We do not dabble in family law our practice is family law and divorce.

By: Robert J. Stelmock, Divorce Attorney & Mediator at Stelmock Law Firm, PC

Gathering Information.

As a Canton Michgian Divorce attorney, I would prefer that you assemble as much information as possible regarding family financial matters. Information to obtain Includes but is not limited to the following:

  1. copies of tax returns for the last three (3) years along with schedules;
  2. lists of marital assets and debts such as are often required for credit applications;
  3. estate planning documents: wills, trust, and estate planning schedules such as are often prepared by an attorney, accountant, insurance agent or bank trust officer;
  4. paychecks for yourself and spouse;
  5. the most recent statement from your spouse’s employer regarding employee fringe benefits, especially retirement pensions and 401k;
  6. recent account statements from financial institutions such as banks, credit unions, and brokerage houses;
  7. recent account statements from credit cards;
  8. monthly budget of expenses;

This is meant to be a planning document so as to have a more realistic and concrete sense                 of what your needs and life-style will be in the future.

  1. credit report for yourself.

Economic Independence.

Take steps to establish some measure of economic independence. Establish a bank account in your own name and put away as much money as possible. If you do not have credit in your name, apply for credit cards and make payments on a timely basis. It is often easier to start with department store and gasoline credit cards before applying for major credit cards like Visa and MasterCard. Do not incur any additional joint debt with your spouse. If you are currently working, remain employed. Make needed repairs on major appliances, cars, etc., out of joint family funds. Also, take care of all your medical and dental needs out of family funds.

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