Wayne County Circuit Court Case Look Up

Wayne County Circuit Court Case Look Up. Please read this blog article to find out how to review information about your Wayne County Circuit Court matter online; https://cmspublic.3rdcc.org


Wayne County Circuit Court Case Look Up?   Have you ever wondered how to look up a case in Wayne County Circuit Court via the internet?

Follow these simple steps to look up any case or information about a case online.   If you type or copy and paste https://cmspublic.3rdcc.org, you will be directed to the main page.  In the lower right hand corner select search cases and then you will be directed to the Third Judicial Circuit of Michigan – Odyssey Web Access.  From that page, you have the option of selecting criminal case records or non-criminal case records. After making that selection, you will be required to enter a code and provide some information to be able to access a particular case.  When you access the case, you will see what is called the register of actions.  The register of actions provides the history of the case and also will show upcoming hearings.

Using the Wayne County Circuit Court Case Look Up is helpful in divorce matters as some judges set settlement conferences and other hearings when the case is assigned to them.  It is also important for clients to know that Court records are public unless restricted by Statute, Court Rule, or Local Administrative Order.

Wayne County Circuit Case Case Look Up is not something new as the Wayne County Probate Court has had for a while. The probate site allows you to look up estates, guardianships, conservatorships and any other probate matter.

The system is not perfect and the register of actions is slightly behind when pleadings are filed.  However, it sure beats having to travel in person to the Court to review a court file.  Wayne County Circuit Case Look Up saves time and money for clients.

Here are the links to Wayne County Circuit Court Case Look Up and Wayne County Probate Court Case Look Up:

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By: Robert J. Stelmock, Attorney, GAL, Parenting Coordinator & Mediator at Stelmock Law Firm, PC