Michigan Divorce: frequently asked questions

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This blog, Michigan Divorce: frequently asked questions, will answer the two questions that are asked most from divorce clients.

What do I do prior to starting divorce proceedings?

            Gathering Information

Assemble as much information as possible regarding family financial matters.

(1)  Include copies of tax returns for the last three years;

(2) lists of marital assets and debts such as are often required for credit applications;

(3) wills, trust, and estate planning schedules such as are often prepared by an attorney, accountant, insurance agent or bank trust officer;

(4) the most recent statement from your spouse’s employer regarding employee fringe benefits, especially retirement pensions; and

(5) recent account statements from financial institutions such as banks, credit unions, and brokerage houses.

Do not incur any additional joint debt with your spouse.  If you are currently working, remain employed.  Make needed repairs on major appliances, cars, etc., out of joint family funds.  Also, take care of all your medical and dental needs out of family funds.

Do not sign any joint income tax returns if you have reason to believe they have not been properly completed.  Close out joint charge accounts, or, if you want to retain them, notify the creditors in writing that you will no longer be responsible for your spouse’s purchases.  If you are covered under the health insurance of your spouse’s employer, verify that your coverage has not been terminated.

How long does it take to get divorced?

In Michigan, it takes a minimum of 60 days to get divorced.

If there are minor children, the waiting period is 180 days.  However, this 180-day waiting period may be reduced if “undue hardship” can be proven.  However, in no case can the waiting period be shortened to less than 60 days.

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