Michigan Child Support: Formula

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Michigan Child Support

Support is ordered by the Court to help a party pay for the cost of raising a child. Said support is paid each month from the payor to the payee and the terms for same are contained in a Uniform Child Support Order. Support typically terminates when a child turns eighteen or graduates from high school; whichever is later. However, a court can order support for a child who is between 18 and 19.5 years in the event that the child: attends high school full-time, has a reasonable expectation of graduating, and lives full-time with the parent that receives support.

Support can be ordered in a paternity matter, custody case, a divorce case and a support case.

Michigan Formula

Michigan calculates the amount of support by using the Michigan Child Support Formula. The  formula considers the following factors when determining support: the parents’ income, the number of overnights each year that the child(ren) spend with each parent, the number of children supported, health care costs, child care cost, and other appropriate factors. The monthly support amount includes extraordinary medical expenses which are costs for uninsured medical expenses. Extraordinary medical expenses are co-pays, deductibles, prescription fees and ect.


The court must order support according to the formula unless the result would be unfair or inappropriate. In the event that the parties reach an agreement regarding support, the courts can consider the agreement but do not have to approve it. If parties request an amount that is different than the formula then the request must be indicated in the Uniform Child Support Deviation Addendum.  The Court then has the option to approve the support deviation.

It is important to understand that children have a legal right to support from both parents. A parent cannot avoid paying support because they are not exercising their parenting time or because their parental rights have been terminated.

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