Michigan Parenting Time

Parenting Time

At Stelmock Law Firm P.C., our skilled Michigan Parenting Time attorneys handle all aspects of child custody and parenting time cases. We have experience in demonstrating to the court why our client is in the better position to care for their children. In order to determine the length, frequency and type of parenting time, the court considers several factors (MCL 722.27a)  If you need parenting time help in Michigan, please do not hesitate to contact our legal team at 734.927.9782 for help. 

Michigan Parenting Time

How can you as a parent help your child(ren) with the separation from either a divorce or a relationship breakup?  The following is intended to be a general guideline and not an exhaustive list of potential issues that occur with Michigan Parenting Time.

Michigan Parenting Time: Life Changes.

A major cause of stress in children is simply the number and variety of life changes they experience as a result of a divorce or separation. This would include but is not limited to the following:

the loss of a parent and perhaps siblings;

a move to a new home;

a move to a new city;

starting a new school;

having to make new friends;

parent starting a job;

parent bringing home dating partners or re-marrying;

adjusting to new step siblings; and

loss of easy access to grandparents and other relatives, etc.

The more life changes, the more sources of stress the child must find resources and skills to deal with. The greater the number of stressors to which children are exposed, the greater the chance of serious emotional problems.

Michigan Parenting Time: New Partners.

Many divorced or separated parents try to deal with their own pain and loss by quickly involving themselves in a new relationship. This rarely solves the problems of the former relationship, which usually resurface after the courtship phase of the new relationship ends. When the newly divorced or separated parent intensifies the new relationship by either remarrying or living with the new partner, the stress on the children is increased. It is a large change for them and brings up issues of divided loyalties between the new person and their other parent. Both for the parent’s own healthy adjustment and that of the children, waiting some period of time ( a year or more) before starting a serious relationship is a good idea.

Michigan Parenting Time: Moving and Access.

The parent’s desire to flee painful memories of the ex-spouse/partner and the community by moving to a new location usually causes the children intense stress. Some parents may feel that moving will help the children by getting them away from the other parent when he or she is not considered a “good parent.” Others think that moving away will shelter children from the harmful effects of “bouncing back and forth” during access.

Parents should bear in mind, however, that most children benefit from seeing both parents as much as possible, and that these benefits outweigh problems associated with moving back and forth or in the inconsistency between the two homes. Again, most of the problems are between the parents.

Both parents should avoid moving such distances from one another that frequent contact with the children is made difficult or impossible. Some courts discourage a parent from moving, away by requiring that the moving parent to pay all costs of access. When long distance moves occur, the absent parent should maintain frequent contact through telephone calls, text message and video conferencing.

Michigan Parenting Time: Supervised Access.

Where serious problems exist with the other parent–so serious that the children are in danger of being physically, or emotionally damaged, legal remedies are available. Supervised parenting time can be arranged.  The child(ren) has a right to parenting time unless the court determines on the record by clear and convincing evidence that parenting time would endanger the child(ren)’s physical, mental or emotional health (MCL 722.27a)


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