Court Closure

The Wayne County Circuit Court issued a press release on March 13, 2020 that provided the following regarding Court Closure.

Detroit, MI – The Chief Judge, acting pursuant to MCR 8.110(C)(2)(c) and (3)(C) and recognizing the states of emergency declared by the President and the Governor, hereby orders that the Third Judicial Circuit of Michigan (Third Circuit Court) shall remain open to address the following essential operations:

Felony criminal matters heard at the Frank Murphy Hall of Justice:

    • The Court shall hear arraignments on the information for incarcerated defendants;
    • The Court shall hear emergency bond motions;
    • The Court shall hear proceedings related to the arraignments on bench warrants and of probationers arrested on warrants for violations of probation;
    • The Court shall hear trials for incarcerated defendants only
    • The Court shall hear scheduled sentencings for incarcerated defendants
    • Juvenile proceedings heard at the Lincoln Hall of Justice/or Juvenile Detention Facility:
      • The Court shall hear emergency proceedings for abuse/neglect cases;
      • The Court shall hear preliminary hearings, scheduled trials and disposition hearings for detained youth;
      • The Court shall hear waiver hearings for youth to be charged as or with the rights attributed to an adult
  • Domestic Relations Proceedings:
    • Cases heard at either the Coleman A. Young Municipal Center (CAYMC) or Penobscot Building
      • The initiation of personal protection orders (PPOs);
      • Hearings on denied PPOs;
      • Arraignments on alleged violations of PPOs;
      • Hearings for PPO Respondents not able to make bail following an arraignment;
      • Parental Waivers;
      • Approving and/or Hearing Emergency Hearings as are deemed necessary by the sitting Emergency Judge;
      • The signing or preparing of any Emergency Orders necessary for the safety and well-being of a litigant or child, at the discretion of the Emergency Judge.
    • Civil proceedings heard at CAYMC:
      • Requests for emergency show cause and injunctive orders;
      • Business Court emergencies;

The Chief Judge will continue to hear all infectious disease cases brought by the Wayne County or City of Detroit Health Departments;

  • The Court further orders that all operations not outlined above shall be suspended until Monday, March 30, 2020.

Please be advised that Clerk operations will be staffed to handle essential services identified in the Court’s Declaration of a State of Emergency. Non-essential operations will be processed as staffing levels permit.

In the interest of public health, the public is encouraged not to attend court proceedings unless necessary.

Any inquiries about essential services may be directed to Chief Judge Timothy M. Kenny, Courtroom 701 Coleman A. Young Municipal Center, (313) 224-5430.

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