Wayne County Circuit Court Zoom Hearings


Wayne County Circuit Court Zoom Hearings until the end of the year, if not longer.

The purpose of this blog is to provide an update regarding Wayne County Circuit Court Zoom hearings.  As of May 11, 2020, and likely thru the end of the year, if not forever, Wayne County Circuit Court Family Division is re-opening for REMOTE ZOOM HEARINGS ONLY.  ALL HEARINGS WILL BE DONE VIA ZOOM.  ALL JUDGES VIRTUAL COURTROOMS CAN BE FOUND AT 3RDCC.ORD/ZOOM


Courtroom Zoom YouTube Channel Courtroom Email
Hon. Kathleen M. McCarthy Join Meeting Live Stream JudgeMcCarthy-Court@3rdcc.org
Hon. Eric W. Cholack Join Meeting Live Stream JudgeCholack-Court@3rdcc.org
Hon. Melissa A. Cox Join Meeting Live Stream JudgeMACox-Court@3rdcc.org
Hon. Charlene M. Elder Join Meeting Live Stream JudgeElder-Court@3rdcc.org
Hon. Helal A. Farhat Join Meeting Live Stream JudgeFarhat-Court@3rdcc.org
Hon. Alexis A. Glendening Join Meeting Live Stream JudgeGlendening-Court@3rdcc.org
Hon. Adel A. Harb Join Meeting Live Stream JudgeHarb-Court@3rdcc.org
Hon. Charles S. Hegarty Join Meeting Live Stream JudgeHegarty-Court@3rdcc.org
Hon. Lisa M. Neilson Join Meeting Live Stream JudgeNeilson-Court@3rdcc.org
Hon. Lynne A. Pierce Join Meeting Live Stream JudgePierce-Court@3rdcc.org
Hon. Carla G. Testani Join Meeting Live Stream JudgeTestani-Court@3rdcc.org
PPO Courtroom Join Meeting Live Stream PPO-Court@3rdcc.org

Stelmock Law Firm, PC is closely following developments with Wayne County Circuit Court Zoom Hearings,  the global COVID-19 pandemic and we are continuing to take measures to protect the health and safety of our personnel and their families. As with you, the situation is forcing us to change the ways we do business, but our commitment to providing outstanding client service remains unchanged.

Rest assured that none of our operations have been interrupted, the Law Firm has when reasonable, restricted communication with clients to e-mail, telephone, and videoconferencing instead of in-person meetings.  Despite this unprecedented pandemic and the actions and reactions it demands, we will continue to be responsive, minimize disruptions, and accommodate clients’ and colleagues’ protocols.

If Stelmock Law Firm, PC is currently handling a matter for you, please contact your attorney and his or her legal assistant as you have already been doing. If you are not yet a client and require legal assistance,  please contact us at 734.927.9782 and we will be happy to help.

Please stay safe, and we will update you if circumstances change.


Robert J. Stelmock
Managing Attorney