Conservatorship Attorneys Located in Canton, Michigan

i. We do not like to believe that we, or someone we care about, will become incapable of making financial decisions because of illness or disability. However, despite our efforts not to believe, it does happen. A conservatorship is not something that people plan for, however it can be an essential protection if someone cannot take care of their property. A conservatorship typically happens when children with severe developmental disabilities become adults, when an adult is brain injured in a car accident or when an older person loses the ability to make these decisions due to dementia. When these happen, a court decides if a conservatorship is necessary and may appoint a conservator to make decisions.

ii. When an adult cannot make their own decision due to mental and/or physical incapacity, a proceeding called a Conservatorship is often required. A Conservatorship is a legal proceeding where the Court appoints a Conservator to assume the rights and responsibilities of the person who is no longer able to reasonable care for himself or herself.

iii. A conservatorship is a legal right given to a person to be responsible for the assets and finances of a person deemed fully or partially incapable of providing these necessities for himself or herself.

iv. As a Conservator you will have the legal authority to make financial decisions for your family member or loved one

v. Deciding to file for conservatorship for a family member is never easy but we at Stelmock Law Firm, PC will help you with the process. If you have any questions regarding conservatorship and the process in which to appoint a conservator please call us today for a free consultation at (734) 927-9782.