Friend of the Court (FOC)

Friend of the Court (FOC) Attorneys Located in Canton, Michigan

I.    Overview

The Friend of the Court office was created in 1919 by Michigan law, and there is at least one office serving each Circuit Court. The Friend of the Court has the following duties:

1.    When parents cannot agree, or when directed by the judge, to conduct investigations and make reports and recommendations to the court regarding:

A.    Custody

B.    Parenting time (which may include transportation)

C.    Amount of child support (including medical support, and in limited situations spousal support).

2.    To collect, record and send out all support payments as ordered by the court.

3.    To provide enforcement services on all custody, parenting time and support orders entered by the court.

II.    Rights and Responsibilities of the Parties

Each party has the right to:

1.    Expect the Friend of the Court to perform the duties listed in this pamphlet/outline.
2.    Request the Friend of the Court office to explain its procedures.
3.    Be treated with courtesy by Friend of the Court employees.
4.    File a grievance with the Friend of the Court office concerning an employee or office procedure.
5.    Consult an attorney regarding concerns.

Each party has the responsibility to:

1.    Inform the Friend of the Court, in writing, of changes which affect the way the Friend of the Court must do its job, such as:

A.    Change of address;
B.    Change in income status or source of income;
C.    Changes in children’s residence.

2.    Provide information to the Friend of the Court office to assist it in carrying out their duties as required by law.

3.    Obey all orders of the court unless and until changed by the court.

4.    Keep appointments made with the office, or take the time to cancel an appointment and make a new one.

5.    Treat the Friend of the Court employees with courtesy.


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