Guardian Ad Litem (GAL)

Guardian Ad Litem (GAL) Attorneys Located in Canton, Michigan

A Guardian Ad Litem, GAL, is a person appointed by the court to stand in the shoes of a minor in a court proceeding in which the minor has some interest.  Michigan law has long recognized the need of children to be specially represented in legal matters involving them. The GAL serves as the independent legal representative of the child’s best interests entitled to full and active participation in all the proceedings and access to all relevant information regarding the child. The GAL is obliged to conduct a full and thorough independent investigation, forming a position as to the best interests of the child and advocating for that position to the court. The ability of a court to clearly and fairly protect a child’s interest rests in large part upon the skill and expertise of the advocate

If, at any time in the proceeding, the court determines that the child’s best interests are inadequately represented, the court may appoint a lawyer-guardian ad litem to represent the child. In a proceeding in which a lawyer-guardian ad litem represents a child, he or she may file a written report and recommendation. The court may read the report and recommendation. The court shall not,however, admit the report and recommendation into evidence unless all parties stipulate the admission. The parties may make use of the report and recommendation for purposes of a settlement conference.

A GAL should be considered when your child’s voice needs to be considered.  The court has appointed attorney Robert J. Stelmock to help children and parents in high conflict matters.  The rates for the Guardain Ad Litem service, as of November 2008, are $195 per hour.


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