Parenting Time Coordinator

Parenting Time Coordinator Located in Canton, Michigan

A Parenting Coordinator is a neutral person to whom parents can turn when in dispute on matters relating to the children.   In some divorce cases, even after the divorce decree is signed, high levels of conflict and animosity remain between the parents.  The purpose of the Parenting Coordinator is to provide parents an alternative to litigation and expensive, divisive court battles.

With regard to costs associated with the Parenting Coordinator service, parents typically divide these equally unless there is a prior agreement to do otherwise or unless there is an Order of the Court specifying how costs are to be distributed between the parties. The Court may consider the cooperation of the parties when assessing the cost of the Parenting Coordinator and for future litigation costs arising out of any non-cooperation.

If you are running back to Court on issue after issue, consider the service of a Parenting Coordinator. You will likely experience more timely service, lower costs and generally greater control of the outcome as negotiated settlements are encouraged first.  The court has appointed attorney and parties have selected Robert J. Stelmock as a parenting time coordinator.

Some of the advantages in using a parenting time coordinator are including but not limited to the following:

1.     You maintain control, not the courts.  In other words you decide together the parenting time, not a third party such as the Judge.

2.     The agreements that are constructed have greater duration and strength than a decision by an external authority (Judge).

3.     It is non-adversarial – you jointly make parenting time decisions.

4.     minimize the adversarial process that tends to separate parents into conflicting roles.

5.     Cost are typically less than having to hire two separate attorney’s to resolve the issue of parenting time.

6.     It is in the best interest of your children –  All discussions are tempered by the fact that you are both parents of your children and that you will have a continuing relationship as parents after your divorce.

The rates for the Parenting Time Coordinator service, as of January 2015, are $250 per hour. Please call,734 927-9782, today if you are interested in a parenting time coordinator.